Empower yourself with effective strategies to nurture your strong-willed child’s potential and foster a harmonious family dynamic through our specialized ‘Parenting Young Children with Challenging Behaviors’ workshop for parents of children ages 2-8.

Parenting is HARD and parenting a strong-willed child brings its own set of unique challenges. In this workshop series, you will learn techniques for managing power struggles, setting boundaries, and fostering cooperation while maintaining a positive parent-child relationship. Together, we will work to embrace your strong-willed child’s strengths and channel it into positive growth and development.

This program consists of eight modules (10-20 minutes each) spread out over five weeks. I highly recommend that you follow the pace of the program as change will only come if you take your time and focus on one thing at a time. Below is an outline of course modules:

Week 1:

  • Module #1: Introduction
  • Module #2: Attending and Praise

Week 2:

  • Module #3: Active Ignoring
  • Module #4: Emotion Regulation & Self-Care

Week 3:

  • Module #5: Clear Instructions
  • Module #6: Managing Screen Time

Week 4:

  • Module #7: Clear Consequences

Week 5:

  • Module #8: House Rules

This on-demand workshop is inspired by the extensive research of Dr. Rex Forehand and his colleagues. As such, it is recommended that you also read the best-selling parenting book Parenting the Strong-Willed Child by Drs. Rex Forehand, Nicholas Long, and Deborah Jones while completing the weekly modules.

Below are the recommended chapters for each week:

  • Week 1: Chapters 1 – 7
  • Week 2: Chapters 8, 15, & 16
  • Week 3: Chapters 9, 14, & 18
  • Week 4: Chapters 10 & 17
  • Week 5: Chapters 11, 12, & 13

Nicole Bresland, Ph.D.

Dr. Nicole Breslend

Licensed Clinical Psychologist – Doctorate

I was closely mentored for more than 10 years by behavioral parent training expert, Dr. Rex Forehand. I am a faculty member at the University of Vermont where I trained the new generation of psychologists on these techniques.

I also have two (very strong-willed) young boys that I am always practicing these skills with! I am so excited to have the opportunity to share some of the tools that may make your days a little easier and your parenting load a little lighter.


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Parenting Young Children with Challenging Behaviors On-Demand Parent Workshop Series


Once enrolled in this course, you will have lifetime access to the on-demand videos and associated materials. 

Feel free to reach out to Nicole.Breslend@synchrosaic.com with any questions!